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Tucker is the gentle giant that loves playing with his little chi chi brothers and has had such a calm demeanor since he was a pup. Sometimes you don’t even feel him in the house with all 80 lb. compared to his 8 lb. chihuahua brother (Ziggy) that can cause such chaos! 



Ziggy is the baby or mommy’s baby to be more precise. He is the smallest in age and is a hot mess which he expresses by running and screaming all over the house. He is protective of mom but has the funniest personality and is the most cuddly when he gets comfortable with you!


Ox (or Oxford if he is bad), is the king of the house. He is the oldest at 12 years old and is the best bud you can take anywhere. He does get a bit sassy being a chihuahua mix especially if you are another dog trying to enter the kitchen area during Thanksgiving.



Frankie and Ziggy are the inseparable pair rescued off the street which was my first and last foster case. Being the older of the two, Frankie likes to beat up Ziggy while wrestling but Ziggy loves it! Otherwise, he is sweet and a little skittish but has also come along way.