I am a cocktail of a woman because I grab inspiration by things I see every day. I grew up in a Colombian household in South Florida speaking mostly Spanish and also moved around all over the East Coast including Charleston, SC. I’ve had the chance to experience the diversity we have in this country and a few bits of other parts of the world! There is so much history that has helped shape our lifestyles, taste for music and our perceptions that I express in my interior design and home staging. 

Depending on my mood that day, you can find me wearing a boho dress listening to AC/DC, wearing a suit listening to Cardi B or dancing to an old salsa tune I grew up with in my hoodie. I don’t really have a specific design style because I love to mix up a traditional and eclectic blend that reflects my personality.

About Casa Ria

Casa Ria, an interior design & home staging firm located in Tampa, FL is named after my mother, Gloria, who graduated as an architect in Colombia but was never able to pursue her dream. My mom’s other dream was to travel the world. I was lucky enough to have had a previous sales role that gave me the chance to do so. Casa Ria was started in my mother’s memory and in order to pursue our dreams because life is too short!


When I bought my first home, the first thing I did was start implementing the design plan and started decorating MY HOME. The feeling of accomplishment and success that I felt by having the means to do so was PRICELESS!

I want to be able to help other women who have had that same dream for years capture that feeling. We all want that dreamy home but don’t have the time, get frustrated with all the decor options and we have a career, family and household to run. This can be achieved with a strategic interior decor plan by Casa Ria that represents you and your family.

Let’s make an impact together to design a home that reflects exclusivity and makes a statement that you will love for years to come!

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